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New-leaf Third Moon (Spring, November)

Echoing Cave's Group:
Echoing Cave (Midnight)

Deputies: Small Lily, Aqua Tail

Bird Flight's Group:
Bird flight (Lily)
Deputies: Spotted Leaves, [res]

Swift Brook’s Group:
Swift Brook (Aqua)
Deputies: Squrriel Flight, [res]

Quick Paw's Group:
Quick Paw (open)
Deputies; [res], [res]

Roaring Blaze:
Roaring Blaze (open)
Deputies: [res], Halo Wing

Rogues, Kittypets and Loners:
Midnightwatcher (midnight)
Lunar (midnight)
Maple (midnight)
Moon Phase
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Ivoryflame of RippleClan

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Ivoryflame of RippleClan Empty Ivoryflame of RippleClan

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 18, 2017 12:23 pm

Name: Ivoryflame
Clan: RippleClan
Age/gender: 25 moons/ She-cat
Rank: Warrior
Description: is a Silver Somlia cat. She is long and slender with a white chest and chin, that fades into light grey on her muzzle. She has white on the insides of her legs, and on the backside of the tail, witch also fades to light grey. She has a light grey-white mix on her back and black ear tips to go with her dark grey markings on her forehead and tail. She has beautiful amber eyes that have green specks in them, along with a dark reddish looking nose. She has long slender legs to go with her short fur but fluffy tail.

Skills; out of ten
Fighting: 7/10
Hunting: 5/10
Herb knowledge: 1/10
Running: 9/10
Swimming: 3/10
Memory: 6/10
Stamina: 5/10

Personality: Ivoryflame is a head strong cat that always speaks her mind. She is known to be stubborn, and hates to look weak. Even from a young age she was always the leader with the kits she played with, and when she and her brother snuck away from their parents den. Ivoryflame has great leadership skills, and takes all the cats opinions, beliefs, ideas, and health into account before making a large decision. Ivoryflame is a very brave cat, and never backs down from a challenge. She hates when cats pity her or look down upon her. Ivoryflame is tough, but does have a soft side when it comes to young, injured, or ill cats.

History: Ivoryflame was born a rogue as a only child. Her mother didn't like her much, but her father adored her. She was always getting in trouble, usually while trying to follow her dad to go hunting. When Ivoryflame was 7 moons old her father finally agreed to take her hunting with him. It turned bad quickly. They ran into a fox while hunting, and it killed her father. Ivoryflame was devastated, and even more so when three days later her mother up and left them, but she refused to let all this put her down. She went to the clans she had heard her dad talk about, and convinced them to take her in.

Crush; None
Mate None
Kits; None

Mother: Lytic (Open)
Father: Henry (Dead)


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Ivoryflame of RippleClan Empty Re: Ivoryflame of RippleClan

Post by Hollysong on Sat Mar 18, 2017 12:24 pm

Ivoryflame of RippleClan 1474808418

echo: bird that sings, max, sage in water, fallen flower, grey's flowers
flight: spotted leaves, holly's song
brook: storm at night, honey
runner: leopard
blaze: snow ears
rlk: teller of pointed stones

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