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New-leaf Third Moon (Spring, November)

Echoing Cave's Group:
Echoing Cave (Midnight)

Deputies: Small Lily, Aqua Tail

Bird Flight's Group:
Bird flight (Lily)
Deputies: Spotted Leaves, [res]

Swift Brook’s Group:
Swift Brook (Aqua)
Deputies: Squrriel Flight, [res]

Quick Paw's Group:
Quick Paw (open)
Deputies; [res], [res]

Roaring Blaze:
Roaring Blaze (open)
Deputies: [res], Halo Wing

Rogues, Kittypets and Loners:
Midnightwatcher (midnight)
Lunar (midnight)
Maple (midnight)
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Mistpaw of EchoClan

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Mistpaw of EchoClan Empty Mistpaw of EchoClan

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 18, 2017 12:53 pm

Name: Mistpaw~ Mistheart
Clan: EchoClan
Rank: Apprentice
Age/Gender: 10 moons/She-cat
Mother: Sunshadow~alive, open
Father: Dark~alive open
Siblings: Niche~alive, open, Hailpaw~ alive, open
Mate: N/A
Crush: Available.
Kits: N/A

Apperance: Mistpaw is a small light grey and white she-cat. Her back, tail, flanks, top half of the head, and back paws/legs are grey. Her white is on her muzzle and chin, spreading to her chest and belly, and front paws/legs. Mistpaw has pink paw pads and a pink nose, along with long legs and a long tail. Her body is long and lean, with powerful leg muscles.

Personality: Mistpaw is a calm and kind cat. She hates fighting, and is constantly breaking up arguments between her peers. Mistpaw is usually very forgiving and almost never holds a grudge. It takes a lot to send Mistpaw over the edge, as she usually shrugs off every insult or anything of that matter, this often gets on peoples nerves. Mistpaw is very cheerful, and always sees the bright side of things. Despite Mistpaw's kindness, she gets competitive. She is very responsible and it takes a lot to convince her to do something she isn't suppose to.

History: Mistpaw was born with her two siblings, Niche and Hailpaw. Niche was originally named Lilackit, but joined her father to be a rogue once he convinced her. Their father, Dark, used to sneak them all out of camp and show them his den, territory, and how amazing rogue life was. Hailpaw and Mistpaw wished to stay with their mother, but Niche left to join him.
Their parents used to meet when Sunshadow was a apprentice into a new warrior, and eventually she began expecting. She realized her mistake a moon before her kits where born, and stopped seeing him. He was outraged, and began to sneak them out when she was sleeping.
Mistpaw and Hailpaw haven't done much since they have been apprentices.

Fighting: 3/10
Hunting: 8/10
Stamina: 6/10
Herb lore: 1/10
Swimming: 2/10
Climbing: 4/10
Tracking: 4/10
Memory: 5/10
Strength: 5/10

                                     Extra Info
                   View on rogues: She doesn't like her father very much, but decides to not judge all rogues on him.
                                       Favorite prey: Robin
                                       Favorite Season: Greenleaf
                                       Favorite scent: New leaves
                                       Favorite Terrain: Moors

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Mistpaw of EchoClan Empty Re: Mistpaw of EchoClan

Post by Bird's Flight on Sat Mar 18, 2017 12:53 pm


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Mistpaw of EchoClan Empty Re: Mistpaw of EchoClan

Post by Hollysong on Sat Mar 18, 2017 1:06 pm

Quickly, whos her mentor?

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Mistpaw of EchoClan Empty Re: Mistpaw of EchoClan

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 05, 2017 9:24 am

no idea

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Mistpaw of EchoClan Empty Re: Mistpaw of EchoClan

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