Clan Infomation

Season & Weather

New-leaf Third Moon (Spring, November)

Echoing Cave's Group:
Echoing Cave (Midnight)

Deputies: Small Lily, Aqua Tail

Bird Flight's Group:
Bird flight (Lily)
Deputies: Spotted Leaves, [res]

Swift Brook’s Group:
Swift Brook (Aqua)
Deputies: Squrriel Flight, [res]

Quick Paw's Group:
Quick Paw (open)
Deputies; [res], [res]

Roaring Blaze:
Roaring Blaze (open)
Deputies: [res], Halo Wing

Rogues, Kittypets and Loners:
Midnightwatcher (midnight)
Lunar (midnight)
Maple (midnight)
Moon Phase
Based On Melbourne Time

Tall clan History

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Tall clan History Empty Tall clan History

Post by Bird's Flight on Thu Mar 23, 2017 10:53 pm

Oh Tallclan was made like other clans. Tallclan was made by one extra ordinary cat. His name was Tall Tree. Tall Tree had been a kittypet until he heard about the clans in the forest. He wanted to see for himself and before his family knew it, he was gone. He was barely 10 moons that day. Tall Tree traveled to what was called Runnerclan, where he told Runnerstar about him wanting to try warrior life. Runnerstar scorned him for his kittypet roots and chased him off. Tall Tree soon found himself in a sandy hollow just away from a river and on a island. He knew what he must do because of a sign from starclan and made his clan. Tall Tree then became Tallstar and was welcomed as a new leader of a clan at the nest gathering.
Bird's Flight
Bird's Flight

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